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Vivid uses AI to break down any topic or skill into bite-size lessons made up of free online content. Build your expertise in any subject, at your own pace.

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For career development

Use Vivid to learn any skill needed for your dream career.

“I really wanted to learn Rust programming quickly and I didn't know where to start. Vivid showed me the exact path I should take and recommended excellent resources to do so!”

Zack Lee, Developer
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For students

Use Vivid to enhance your learning of any subject.

“I have always wanted to learn about the history of Japan, but it’s not offered at my school and I don’t want to read a textbook. Researching online takes me to a Wikipedia page, which is boring and intimidating. Vivid completely transformed this experience and made learning online easy and actually enjoyable!”

John Yang, High School Student
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Frequently asked questions

Do we have to pay?
Vivid is free to use, always and forever. Our mission is to create the highest-quality educational tool that is available to everyone in the world.
Do you plan on supporting other languages?
Right now Vivid only supports English, but we have multi-language support on our roadmap!
Why should I use Vivid over Udemy, Coursera, etc.?
Vivid aggregates and curates the best learning material from Youtube, Udemy, Coursera, and more to your personal preferences.
How does it work?
Vivid uses the GPT-3 language model and the Google Search API to generate complete courses on any topic or skill.

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You found us early. Get notified as soon as it's out.

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